Environmentally - friendly company

PalettenWerk is committed to a reasonable and safe impact on the environment. PalattenWerk’s environmental policy covers the efficient and economical use of raw materials and energy and the minimisation of the negative environmental impact of production processes.

Effective management
of raw materials

The wooden pallets made by PalettenWerk are a fully ecological, durable, and reusable product. The pallets which cannot be repaired are processed into other products, such as pellets or sawdust. The wood used in the production of pallets comes exclusively from maintenance felling and sawmill waste.

Energy saving
and recovery

PalettenWerk have created numerous technological innovations in the field of energy saving and recovery. Sawdust- and bark-fired ovens are used in the production process, and the heat generated during the combustion process, as well as during pallet drying, is partially recovered and recycled.

Ethical sourcing
of raw materials

The products made by PalettenWerk are manufactured exclusively from raw material obtained from sustainably managed forests. They are made in accordance with ecological, social, and ethical standards. This is confirmed by the PEFC certificate we obtained in 2015.