PalettenWerk was established in 1990 and is currently one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of wooden pallets in Poland. The company’s nearly 30 years in business have provided extensive experience in the production and delivery of pallets for virtually every type of industry. The pallets manufactured by PalettenWerk are used by several hundred companies from the food, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, metal, and other industries.

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Every month, 900 HGVs delivering pallets to customers in Poland and abroad leave the company’s plants. The quality and customer service standards at PalettenWerk allow us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding domestic and foreign customers. PalettenWerk’s customers include the largest concerns and corporations, and 60% of production is exported to over 15 European countries.

In order to ensure quality and to optimise production and logistics, PalettenWerk carries out a number of activities. They consist of a quality management system, an ordering and supply management system, a raw material management system, a material flow support system, and a daily loss monitoring programme.

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30 years on the market

Our history goes back to 1990. In 30 years, our company has grown from a small trading company to one of the largest pallet manufacturers in Europe, supplying over 7 million pallets per year. This is possible thanks to continuous investment in modernisation, which optimises the production, management, and sales of our products. Despite reaching such a high level of output, the company still retains the character of a family business, combining tradition with modern company management techniques. Thanks to this, we can ensure a friendly working environment, where all employees feel comfortable – many of them have been working with us since our company was established. The past 30 years are a good starting point for further growth and for tackling the challenges of a changing economy.


Our history begins in 1990, when we started making our first pallet deliveries to the German market. These were mostly pallets purchased from small production plants.


In 1992 we started producing our own products, in Bystra Podhalańska – the first location of our company. We produced only EURO-pallets on a second-hand automatic production line purchased abroad.


In 1995 we were one of the first plants in Poland to install a dedicated line for the production of non-standard pallets, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs in a comprehensive way and to make optimal use of the raw materials.


In 1998 we acquired a site in Gniewięcin, Świętokrzyskie voivodship, where Palko sp. z o.o., an EPAL pallet manufacturer, had been established.


In 2000 we purchased land in Jordanów and moved our company to a new location. On a new, much larger area, a modern production hall with an area of over 3000 m2, a complex of drying facilities and a new EPAL pallet production line were built.


Between 2000 and 2020, large investments were made in machinery, sheltered storage spaces, and modern drying rooms and ovens. We purchased three Erba OMEV automatic pallet production lines, two CAPE production lines, and two automatic production lines for manufacturing DHP pallets, among other upgrades.


In 2018, we started production at our new plant in Chervonohrad, Ukraine, from where we supply pallets to Ukraine and neighbouring countries.


Currently, the PalettenWerk Group has 30 ha of sheltered warehouse space, 26 modern drying rooms with heat recuperation, and 9 fully automatic production lines.

Why us?

Our enormous production and storage potential and full logistics service make us a leader in the pallet manufacturing industry in Poland and Europe. We are prepared to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in every respect. This is thanks to decades of experience, a team of qualified people, technical and logistical facilities, and continuous efforts to improve our work. The high quality of our products is confirmed by our numerous certificates, including an EPAL licence (for all types of pallets), a CP licence (Chemical Pallets, all types), an ISPM15 certificate, an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate, a PEFC certificate, AEO authorisation, and others. Our principle is that our customers are our greatest asset.


Environmental protection

PalettenWerk is committed to maintaining a reasonable, safe impact on the environment. PalattenWerk’s environmental policy covers the efficient and economical use of raw materials and energy and the minimisation of the negative environmental impact of production processes.