delivery plans


PalettenWerk guarantees fast and timely pallet deliveries throughout Europe. Orders for standard pallets in Poland are completed within 24 hours, and deliveries to other countries are made within 3 working days of placing the order.

The organisation of production processes in PalettenWerk allows us to fully adapt our production plans to the cycles and frequency of customer orders. This allows us to carry out individual delivery plans that are 100% tailored to the customer’s needs.


Loading method
and load safety

We transport our products using standard, mega, and double trailer lorries, in which 756, 812, or 940 EPAL pallets can be transported at one time. The method of pallet loading depends on the customer’s preferences.

Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system. Each load is covered by carrier’s liability insurance in national and international road transport.

Delivery of pallets
in Europe

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