What is the difference between an EPAL pallet and a non-standardised pallet?

What do the markings on an EPAL pallet block mean?

What does the marking ‘HT’ on the pallet mean?

What is the difference between ‘one in one’ and ‘one on one’ loading methods?

What are the benefits of loading pallets one on top of another?

What is the moisture content of a standard pallet?

What is the difference between blue stain fungi and mould?

Does the appearance of blue stain fungi disqualify a pallet?

Is it possible to design a pallet that is tailored to my needs?

How soon can you deliver the pallets?

Can you mark pallets with non-standard signs (e.g., our logo)?

How do you mark pallets?

Do you offer pallet tracking systems?

What does the process of pallet quality control look like?

What certificates does your company hold?

Which regions do you deliver pallets to?

What does the pallet sales process look like?

Do you use certified components?

How can I place an order for pallets with you?

What is the minimum order quantity?

What are the working hours of your company?

How do you prepare your offer? What factors determine the price of pallets?

Can you keep minimum stock levels for me?