ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate

We have held an ISO quality certificate since 2005. The procedures and instructions we have developed optimise all the processes carried out in the company, from the supply of raw materials to production and sales. These processes are adapted to the specific nature of our industry. The annual audits for this certification prove that our procedures and instructions comply with ISO practices.


Environmental Certificate ISO 14001:2015

We have a certificate attesting that the environmental management system implemented by the organization complies with the ISO 14001:2015 standard and covers the organizational structure, planning, allocation of responsibility and resources needed to develop, implement and conduct management in a manner that takes into account current environmental problems. The system is appropriately adapted to the specifics of our industry. Annual audits as part of the obtained certificate confirm the compliance of the entire enterprise management system with the standard.

ISPM15 certificate (IPPC)

We were one of the first companies to receive a certificate confirming our technological capability to heat treat pallets according to the ISPM15 standard, which allows us to send goods on our pallets outside the European Union and to all countries that require such treatment (e.g. Ukraine, Norway, or the UK). This process prevents insects from migrating to new ecosystems.


PEFC certificate

The PEFC certificate attests to the fact that the wood used by our company comes from a legal source and also ensures that forests are replenished after the trees are felled and used for industrial purposes. Our company monitors the incoming raw wood material and thus operates on a sustainable, responsible, environmentally friendly raw material management policy.


EPAL licence

We were one of the first companies in Poland to obtain a licence for the production of pallets according to the EPAL standard in 1998; we were also a co-founder of the Polish National Committee of EPAL. This licence guarantees the quality of manufacturing of 1200x800 cm pallets in accordance with the standard developed by the UIC. The quality of pallets is checked several times a month by an independent inspection body. This ensures unrestricted exchange of pallets and enables them to be sold all over the world. We manufacture all types of EPAL pallets.


AEO certificate

From the very beginning of our business, we have been the largest Polish exporter of pallets to Europe and beyond. Thanks to our reputation, we were allowed to make simplified export clearances, which greatly shortened and optimised the shipment of our goods abroad.